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AOE2HD Community Cup #1 (Finals)
AOE2HD Community Cup #1
HADES 1 : 0 Insert Space Here
Insert Space Here 1 : 0 Dovidkin
Insert Space Here 1 : 0 Dr. Ace Misanthrope

Community Cup #1 Finals

Our Age of Empires II HD (1v1) Community Cup #1 is now in Finals!
Well done to all those who took part and after the event was extended 1 week to allow for 2 rescheduled games, the finalists have been chosen. Congratulations to everyone for participating and especially our 2 finalists, who will go on to compete in a Best of 3 event on Arabia and Arena.

The Finals will be streamed NEXT WEEK at, so stay posted for the date & time and be sure to tune in for what should be a great matchup. At the completion of finals, the rankings of all players will be announced and as always, we are eager to hear feedback from our community members who took part, or are looking to take part in future, similar events.

We hope that everyone, eliminated or not, has been having fun during this community cup. But for now, best of luck to each of the finalists and thanks to the Age of Empires fans in our community for requesting this event. This event, like any event, wouldn't be a success without you, so we appreciate your participation.


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7th Aug - 27th Aug
Winner: HADES