Community Cup #1 Winner

Our Age of Empires II HD (1v1) Community Cup #1 is over!
After two weeks of sign-ups for the PacificGL AOE2HD Cup, the players were set up on the firing range, where only two would come out alive. ARES steam rolled through the winners bracket while HADES managed to crawl out of the airy trenches that was the losers bracket. Both would see the Finals.

After 2 nail biting games, the two gods emerged from the fog, with HADES defeating ARES after only 2 games, concluding the first PacificGL Community Cup for Age Of Empires II HD Edition. All players were "worthy opponents", ARES(2nd) and HADES(1st) agreed, with Inserty and Dovidkin placing 3rd and 4th, respectively.

The Finals were streamed at, but the video was archived, so feel free to visit and watch the 2 hour Finals at your leisure. Thank you to everyone who participated, as without you, these events wouldn't exist. And also the team of staff and community members, behind the scenes, bringing AOE2HD to PacificGL.

This event may be at an end, but it is the beginning of AOE2HD for our community. As awareness grows and our numbers increase, new players will undoubtadly be fans of this old classic, as well as other members that are known fans, but were unable to take part this time. Another 1v1, or potentially 2v2 is planned for the future, but no dates have been decided yet and it is still early days. If you wish to express interest in future events, or perhaps provide us with feedback and other ideas, you can do so via our Facebook Group, Steam Group, Discord, TeamSpeak or any means you see fit. Well done, again to HADES for winning our first cup and good luck to everyone in the future! Have fun and as always, happy gaming!


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