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[PacificGL] Operation Grime!

Arma 3 Zeus Event (Semi-MilSim)

Event Date TBD

This event, known as a ‘Zeus Event’, will take place on Arma 3, making use of only one extra mod (TFAR) and no paid addons. Unlike a MilSim, steps have been taken to simplify the experience and the knowledge required of a Zeus event, in order to give everyone a taste, without feeling overwhelmed. This event is therefore open to all. For more information on this event, including the scenario briefing and rules, please see the Rules tab.

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Diplomatic communications between the Guerrilla element known as the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) and NATO have faltered. AAF members fixed on extending their regime to Altis have been rapidly recruiting. Large numbers of armed forces, both Infantry and Motorised have spread out across Altis, some of which appear to have taken taken up residence in civilian areas.

Despite no violent action has been taken against Altis citizens so far, past events lead us to believe that a wide scale genocide or as AAF call it, ‘cleansing’ is expected in the coming days. Intelligence operatives inform us that THREE key members of the new AAF, all of whom are in communication with each other, can individually initiate the ‘cleansing’, without confirmation from the others, when they see fit.

With several deployments and operations already underway, NATO administration have requested the Pacific NATO element, known as the Allied Pacific Forces (APF), be the primary insertion force for this operation, hereby known as “Operation Grime”. Comprised of several Squads, the APF is a tactical group of special forces operatives from Australia and New Zealand, tasked with resolving the conflict in Altis and protecting its’ citizens.

Sunrise for Altis is at 0430 with sunset at 1800. Due to the early sunrise, all stealth operations must take place earlier than normal and move quickly. Altis weather is highly unpredictable and therefore unknown for this operation.