International Open #1 Finishes

10 weeks after the event began, all matches have concluded and the winners have been declared.
Congratulations to Ignition 5 (EU) for their 2-0 victory in the Grand Final over the previously undefeated Impact (OC)!

Fighting their way through Semi's to earn a place in Finals and defeating both MDMA and Impact (previously undefeated teams), i5 performed exceptionally and has earned their title as the International Champs. Good game and well played to all members of Ignition 5, but also well done to both teams for making it this far, with Impact ranking #1 in Oceania, after the regular season.

The Grand Final took place on Sunday, 1st April '18 @ 21:00 AEST and played out as follows;

  • Game 1 on Market went 11-7 to i5, a closer game than was predicted by Impact captain, Piggymonster, whom anticipated a clear loss on Market, but a strong game on Heights.
  • Game 2 on Heights finished 11-2, with Impact only taking a couple rounds, mid-game. This came as a shock to Impact, as well as the Twitch viewers.

Confident early on, Ignition 5 kept up their pace and played Bravo heavily on both maps. Bridge control seemed important on Market and slow movements around Bravo on Heights was another key to success. Impact found themselves playing for kills, but numerous times, lost a player immediately after taking out one of i5's. This proved that team coverage was important to i5 and once the streak on Heights had begun, there was no stopping it.

Impact was made up of their usual members, with the same line-up throughout games; Piggymonster, Svenare, Solusvod, Ding & KenichiYamato. Ignition 5's members moved around during the regular season, recruiting players from TAW CholosMDMA. For the Grand Final, their line-up was as follows; NateBEASTE, Wamp, Jaeger, el zorrito & Alexsh222. Unfortunately el zorrito had to leave early on, during Game 1 on Market and was replaced by DINDO (an MDMA ringer), for the remainder of the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was streamed live at, thanks to our casters Umpzavelli, Endious & BigBoss. If you wish to view the Grand Final, it is available at our Twitch and YouTubeBoth teams put in a terrific amount of effort to make it to Playoffs, but there could be only 1 winner, so congratulations again to the victorious team Ignition 5 and our runner up, Impact. But there was another game, in addition to the Grand Final, that took place on Sunday. MDMA & SwaggMoneyBallers faced off for 3rd place, in the last match to be played in this event.

The 3rd/4th Finals took place on Sunday, 1st April '18 @ 21:00 GMT (Monday 05:00 AEST) and played out as follows;

  • Game 1 on Heights went 11-3 to MDMA.
  • Game 2 on District went 12-14 to SwaggMoneyBallers, with the game going into overtime.
  • Game 3 on Station finished 11-3 to MDMA, driving their victory home and securing 3rd place.

With such a close battle in Game 2, S$B were not giving up and worked hard for the OT victory, but MDMA clearly had them fighting for their life. With the scores tied at 1-1, the decider on Station was needed and MDMA took the victory their with the same separation as Game 1, proving their superiority. Both teams fought admirably but MDMA will place 3rd for this event and SwaggMoneyBallers, 4th. The Insurgency International Open #1 by Pacific Gaming League, has now concluded.

 The Final Rankings are as follows;

1st  Ignition 5 (EU)
2nd - Impact (OC)
3rd -  MDMA (EU)
4th  SwaggMoneyBallers (NA)

Congrulations to all of our finalists and especially the winners. We hope everyone had fun, whether or not they won, or made it to Playoffs. We hope to see all of you again in the future, taking part in competitive and casual Insurgency events around the world. It's terrific to see so many people still active in the community, wish a passion for competitive events, 4 years after the game came out. We wish all teams the best of luck in the future and we thank you for taking part. This season, like any other, wouldn't be possible without you, the community, so we thank you!

An extra special thanks, to all of the team captains who helped manage their members and take a load off the shoulders of staff members, organising your matches each week between eachother and preventing any issues or misconduct. Thanks as well to those staff members who spent their free time working hard to ensure this event ran as smooth as possible, liaising with members from around the world. Hosting an international event like this was a first for Pacific Gaming League and the team of staff behind it, deserve a special mention;

Solusvod, Svenare & Piggymonster from Pacific Gaming League, Jazza from Red Eye Clan (OC) & Masser from The Insurgency Gym (EU & NA/SA). This couldn't have happened without your hard work! Thank you!

We hope to host more events in the future, for Insurgency 2014, Insurgency: Sandstorm and a wide range of other games. For more info on coming events and other news, be sure to frequent our social channels. Our website, Facebook Group and Discord being the most effective. But as always, your feedback is important to us. Be sure to contact our staff and provide us with information regarding the positives, negatives and improvements that can be made. If you have ideas or suggestions for future events, we want to hear from you. So thanks again and as always, happy gaming!