PacificGL ARK Server


Pacific Gaming League currently host an ARK: Survival Evolved Server.

Name: [AU/NZ]Pacific Gaming League|Wiped 11/05|10x|Mods
Mode: PVP / PvPvE
Last Wipe: 11-May-16
Next Wipe: None Planned


No Hacking
No Cheating
No Griefing (Signs/Painting included)
No Glitch Abusing
No Voice or Text SPAM (Use Local)
No Excessive Taunting/Trolling
Max Tribe Size is 10 players
Building In/Blocking Off Caves/Obelisks is Allowed, But Attracts PVP
Do Not Complain About Being Killed/Raided (It's not a PVE Server)

Raid Times are (Sydney Time); Mon-Fri (7pm-12am), Sat (12pm-2am), Sun (12pm-12am)
No STRUCTURE Damage Outside These Hours (Dino, Turret and Player Damage Unaffected)
Open World PVP is Allowed at Any Time.
Use common sense!

Refining Gas Forge
Industrial Grinder
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls