REVIEW: ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK, what an experience! Wake up stranded, naked and freezing on a mysterious and foreign island, with nothing but your Bonds underwear and bare hands.

ARK has a variety of features that you will love such as hunting, planting and growing of crops, harvesting resources and crafting of items, taming of dinosaurs and creatures (no better feeling than riding a giant Dino), base construction, and much, much more! Daylight is a precious and appreciated thing in ARK. When night falls you don't want to be stuck in the wilderness with no sight of your home/base and nothing but a little light from your crafted torch, when for all you know there is a T-Rex just around the corner! Losing everything you just gathered is one thing, but trying to return to loot your gear while a Rex is circling it... That's something else entirely.

Which brings me to another feature that is great, ARK's persistence. All of your construction and that of others is saved by the server, so your home will always be there when you log in, though at one stage this was not so. When ARK first came out at the start of their Steam Early Access, there were a few server wipes and loss of progress, whether that be your base or your character/dinosaur levels. This has now been fixed, however, due to a great team of developers who listen to their community and what they want fixed or added, as well as server admins who care about you and your progress, as if it were their own. Because they often are in the same boat.

In ARK you can be anything. A lone wolf living independently crafting what you need to get by, or perhaps you would even prefer to offer your services and goods to others! With PVP available you could even join up with your friends and become a group of raiders/mercenaries who search through the jungles and hostile environments of the island, in search of other players and their gear. There are so many possibilities and features in ARK, that it will keep your gaming needs content and chair warm for hours at a time, even days. So with all these features and so many things to do, ARK can get a bit confusing, especially for newer players. Don't worry though, we have all been there. After learning the ropes and constantly being bombarded with questions of how to play, one of the PGL founders was generous enough to take the time to make a guide.

462248459 preview A Beginners Guide 2

In a nutshell ARK is a game that really focuses on survival and construction, battling the elements, hunting or taming dinosaurs and trying to find food and water to stay alive. Don't worry though, you wont need to drink your own piss, although player and dino defecating is a part of the game and crucial to farming. Players on a server tend to have some form of commerce/trade so if things get desperate, just ask your neighbours if they can help you out. You will find ARK to be a very social and fun game so grab your friends, make a tribe and get to know those on the other side of that mountain or up that river, as you never know when you might need there help or vice versa. Allies are everything. ARK is a great game, it truly is and I can't express how much, we at PGL, love it and we hope to see you in game soon!