A while ago, PGL community member Gio created the Facebook group for passionate Rainbow Six Siege fans (Oceanic R6:Siege [All Platforms]). There will be a number of PUG nights for R6S organised through this group and shared by Pacific Gaming Leauge. The first of many is now here.

Rainbow Six Siege is played by a number of PGL members. TeamSpeak is a great place to join other players as they take on the intense, high stakes, objective based action that Siege entails. Although Siege features a ranked matchmaking, the restriction to server hosting, as well as Ubisoft issues and hackers, means PGL is unlikely to fully support this game with a competitive season. But do not fear! Companies like ESL are launching competititve Siege across the globe and with the addition of a solid anti-cheat, it's expected to be an enjoyable scene. For more information on this, stay tuned and PGL will keep you up to date!

“I’ll respawn in 5 and kill that sniper, and then I’ll top the scoreboard and carry my team to victory…what team?” The common thought that goes through many modern first person shooter players as they grind their way through games. Constantly being rewarded for common in-game actions. Mainstream titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Battlefront give emphasis on individualism and the need to be a great individual player, rendering them as one-men-armies against everyone in the server. As dying becomes irrelevant and having the luxury of respawning back into the battlefield, the concepts of objective based gameplay, team cohesion and communication fly straight out of their barrels. In Rainbow Six: Siege, you won’t find any of this nonsense.