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Here at PGL, we believe that our best asset is the community. Before any decisions are made, community feedback is gathered and considered and it greatly affects the way we expand into games, host competitive seasons and configure out servers. The Staff of PGL are comprised entirely of passionate members of the community who have volunteered and/or been selected to manage certain aspects of the community. Our goal is to continue to do exactly this. With a number of games now being support by PGL, along with more players, events and social media platforms. We have no intention of slowing down the progress of the community due to limited time or skills available and are therefore reaching out to the community in search of keen members who may be invaluable to the organisation.

Many roles are available, however the selection process requires an application (below), TeamSpeak interview/discussion and trial period, to ensure the people we take on board will only have a positive impact and can perform to the high standards we are setting for our community. We have no doubt that many of our players will rise to the challenge with a few eager members already contacting admins, offering assistance. For a brief description of roles on offer and what they entail, see below. Full descriptions and examples of common tasks, etc. are available to members upon applying and this will be discussed during the TeamSpeak interview.

Working with PGL means getting along with others and working on group projects, such as the setting up of competitive seasons and development of new game assets. As a result, keep in mind that all roles will be mixing and matching and staff may be required to assist with other roles, however each member of the team will have their own tasks prioritised, to cater to their skill set and time frame. More of this can be discussed in TeamSpeak during the application process.