PacificGL run a TeamSpeak that is popular for PUGs and events, as well as daily regulars. Many people however, have been raving about Discord. With the ability to connect via your browser, without registration or downloading an app, Discord is an easy to use VOIP Server and we now offer one to the public!

As our older members will know, but the newcomers wont, Pacific Gaming League recently went live with the updates to our site. With our goal being a more professional feel, easier registration and the ability to host a wider range of events, we are very pleased to bring you the new look and framework.

Pacific Gaming League Needs You!

Here at PGL, we believe that our best asset is the community. Before any decisions are made, community feedback is gathered and considered and it greatly affects the way we expand into games, host competitive seasons and configure out servers. The Staff of PGL are comprised entirely of passionate members of the community who have volunteered and/or been selected to manage certain aspects of the community. Our goal is to continue to do exactly this.

The Pacific Gaming League [PGL or PacificGL] is the home of casual and competitive gamers in the Pacific.

We strive to provide a fun and friendly social environment to the gaming community and endeavour for an enjoyable competitive experience for those with a passion for intensity. We host competitive and casual servers across a number of games and genres, for the best possible experience for our player base.