Introducing PGL Play!

Our new website is live!

Using our orignal as a base to improve upon, we have worked hard over the past month, to maximise our potential and offer you a wider range of events, across more games than ever before. With our improved framework and visual layout, players are able to easily register for an array of game events, with a new 'Get Started' tutorial section for team leaders and anyone with difficulty. As always, your feedback is important to us, so be sure to let us know about any bugs or ideas for improvement, as well as general feedback. With the launch of our new and improved website, comes the introduction of our new event system.

PGL Play! or simply Play! is our new home for all casual and competitive events at Pacific Gaming League. Ranging from simple custom events, to competitive systems such as Round Robins, Knock Outs and Double Elimination Tournaments, this opens up doors for many new games and a more user friendly interface. Visiting a game via the Main Menu will now take you to the games homepage, sometimes refered to as its News section. This section will allow you to read up on past, current and future events and announcements, as well as visit the events homepages. This is where you will find the full list of Standings, Matches, Players/Teams and also where you register to take part.

As discussed in the Get Started tutorial, Pacific Gaming League make use of 2, seperate but linked profiles. A PGL Profile and a Play! Profile. The Play! Profile is automatically generated for you when you register for our website, but requires you to enter your Steam Profile Link before competing. This goes for older members of our past system as well. Please be sure to update them ASAP to avoid issues later! Once you have an eligible Play! profile, simply register for any Player Registration Event, or join a team for Team Registration Events. Team Captains must first create this team or add a current one to the event before you can join it. For more info, visit Get Started.

Thanks for your continued support in our community and we hope to see you at some of the coming events. More articles and event announcements will follow in the coming days. Stay tuned, have fun and happy gaming!