Get Started!



Step 1) Register for PGL


Create a PGL Profile. 



  1. Go to Play! > Login/Register (from Main Menu)
  2. Fill in the registration information (Contact Info, Banner, Display Picture)
  3. Activate your account via email
  4. Login to ensure success


Pacific Gaming League is a non-profit community, catering to both casual and competitive. As such, we have 2 linked accounts, which we recommend you complete now, to save time and maximise your experience;

  • casual account, or PGL Profile, enables you to browse our members section, as well as utilise our forum and support area, without the need to provide additional information for a competitive account. This is what the above instructions help you create.
  • competitive account, or Play! Profile, enables players to sign up for any range of events, ladders, competitions and more, as well as view details/stats about other players, that the public does not have access to. This will be generated for you to make things easier, once you create a PGL Profile, however you probably wish to edit the details if you intend to register for events. This will be what everyone sees when browsing events you are a part of.