1.1 - Respect Eachother
Please be respectful of one another and their chosen roleplays. Speaking ill of someone, or engaging in heated arguments will not be tolerated. If you have an issue please create a report, handle it privately or contact an Admin. Drama in server chat or Discord channels will result in disciplinary actions.

1.2 - Respect Staff
All staff volunteer their time to provide a fun environment for players. Abuse towards them will not be tolerated! If you have a problem with a staff member or chosen disciplinary action, please create a support ticket or contact an Admin directly.

1.3 - Inserting into RP
If you don't have a reason to be a part of an RP scenario, don't interrupt.

1.4 - Personal Information
Please do not share personal information about yourself or someone else. We can not be held responsible for information shared inside or outside of our server.

1.5 - Discord Names
Ensure your Discord nickname is set to your characters full name. If you have multiple characters, abbreviate names and separate them with a "|" symbol.
Examples: "Joe Bloggs" or "J Bloggs | C Smith"

1.6 - Identity
Impersonating another player or member of staff is a bannable offence. Just don't do it! This includes pretending you have a higher standing in the community than you do.

1.7 - Etiquette & Advertising
Please do not advertise another server or community without explicit permission from an Admin.

1.8 - Underage Members
Underage players are discouraged from playing on Pacific Gaming League as we do not restrict the content to a suitable level for minors. If you choose to ignore this advice, it is at your own risk. No player is allowed to role-play a child under the age of 16!

1.9 - Mature Themes
Although we do not restrict the discussion of mature themes on the server, there is to be no discussion of said details in Discord. However, when on the server, do not make any kind of nudity the focus of your RP in public. If someone states they are uncomfortable with it, stop immediately! Annoying members with references to their sexuality is to be avoided. Flirting with every person you find attractive is no way to live or RP!

1.10 - Terms of Service
Roleplay or other actions that violate the Terms of Service (TOS) or Community Guidelines for Twitch, Discord or any relevant entity is strictly prohibited.


2.1 - Cheating/Hacking
Cheating, hacking or modding is not tolerated! This may result in a permanent ban without warning. Behave!

2.2 - Exploits
Please do not exploit server features, glitches or bugs. Exploiting is when you discover something that shouldn't be occurring and you use it to your advantage. This includes "bunny hopping" to increase your speed when running. Additionally, transferring money or items between your characters is an exploit, even when using a middleman.

2.3 - Reports
Should disagreements arise, attempt to RP it out. Crying out "I am reporting you" is breaking character (Rule 4.4) and FailRP. If you can't RP it out, handle it privately. If you believe a player has broken a rule, please create a report with as much information as possible.


3.1 - Groups & Businesses
Any Motorcycle Club, Mafia, Cartel or other major gang, as well as all businesses, must be approved by an Admin. Business Owners / Organisation Leaders will be held responsible for the actions of their employees/members.

3.2 - Crucial Job Numbers
Please be mindful of crucial job numbers, such as emergency staff (FD/EMS) & law enforcement officers (LEOs). Please be mindful of LEO numbers, as well as FD/EMS numbers. If you are to engage in a fight with another civilian, please consider having PD and/or EMS around.
You require 1+ EMS to light a fire (some exceptions, such as enabling RP where fire response isn't needed!
You require 1+ LEO to rob another player, steal their property or their vehicles!
You require 2+ LEOs to rob a store or engage in planned criminal RP!
You require 3+ LEOs to rob a bank, take a LEO hostage or engage in major planned criminal RP!


4.1 - New Life Rule (NLR)
If you die in your role play (you aren't revived by an EMT) you cannot come back to the area of play and/or seek revenge. You lose all memories of what lead to your respawn/hospital trip. This does not mean however, that you forget everything you have seen/heard since logging in, unless it's related to your hospital trip, such as someone killing you in order to stop you from knowing what happened. If you are taken to hospital and checked in by somebody other than a trained EMT, you are to have fuzzy memories until you're filled in by someone.

4.2 - Metagaming
Please do not Metagame! Metagaming is using information in game, that was learnt out of character or out of game. This includes passing information between your multiple characters. Your characters must never share the same information. Third Person Perspective abuse is considered Metagaming. If you don't have line of sight, you cannot and did not see it!

4.3 - Vehicles & Driving
Keep your driving as realistic as possible. RP your crashes and injuries accurately. Everybody feels pain (Rule 4.11)! Also, vehicles that would never be considered street legal in real life are NEVER to be driven on roads. They must be towed to their applicable areas of use. This includes drag cars, sprint cars, etc. Be sure to lock your vehicles and check that they locked correctly!

4.4 - Breaking Character
Please do not break character on the server. Keep all communication within character and use /ooc if you need to talk out of character. Use of this is to be minimal. Where possible, use Discord instead. This goes for asking questions about the server and features. If you wish to talk to a staff member OOC, you cannot simply begin doing so, you must /ooc ooc? or /me ooc? warn them first!

4.5 - Power Gaming
Power gaming is inflicting unrealistic forms of RP on other players without their consent or completing a task in an unrealistic manner to take advantage of the benefits. This includes Macros or Mod menus, as well as things like driving a work vehicle in unrealistic ways to get an earlier pay check. If staff see this occur they may take immediate action. If police see this occur, they may contact staff to fire you and remove your ability to obtain a job.

4.6 - Value of Life
All players must value their life as if it were their own. No matter how tough your character may be, they are still afraid to die. If you have a firearm pointed at you, nobody would attempt to draw their own firearm or fail to comply with instructions. That being said, if an opening is actually left for you to react differently, you may choose to do so.

4.7 - Baiting
Baiting police into a chase or exchange is considered Baiting and FailRP, unless you have a very good reason to do so. Don't insert yourself into their RP (Rule 1.3).

4.8 - Streaming/Casting
Please do not harass live streamers or use their stream to find them and interact with them. This is Metagaming (Rule 4.2). Any information learned via their stream is meta and is not known by your character in game, unless informed through RP.

4.9 - Voice Communication & Other Discords
We discourage the use of other Discords to improve the RP in the server. If you have a Discord server (or similar) for the roleplay of your group, you must not use the voice chat while roleplaying on the server. You may use the text channels to share information with players that were not on at the time something occurred, but it is encouraged to simply use your in-game phone to message or call them instead. ALL voice communication must occur inside the server, within RP. If you wish to have a private text channel in this Discord, please contact a member of staff.

4.10 - Microphones
Players that lack a microphone cannot play on our server, unless given permission by staff to roleplay as a mute person. ALL players must have sound, as nobody is permitted to roleplay a deaf person. Hearing impaired is permitted. Players that encounter someone without a working microphone may contact staff to have this person removed.

4.11 - Roleplay Your Injuries
If you are badly injured, do not get up and walk away, even once revived by an EMT. If you are shot, roleplay the wound. Don't just "tank" the shots. Bullets hurt like hell! Vehicle crashes that result in lost health or your vehicle breaking, must be roleplayed!

4.12 - Random/Vehicle Deathmatch
Random Deathmatch (RDM) is fighting or killing others that you have no right to engage. This is rolling up on somebody and attacking them. This does not include arguing with somebody and then attacking them, if you have a reason to do so, such as an insult, etc. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is using your vehicle as a weapon. Although you may ram other vehicles when appropriate, you can NEVER hit somebody outside a vehicle, to injure or kill them, intentionally. This means no running cops over, etc. Both RDM & VDM is against the rules!