Thank You

Would You Like To Sponsor Us?

We are not in this to make money. We just want to spoil our community!

Since InsurgencyANZ's founding in March 2015, right through past Pacific Gaming Leagues founding, I have been solely responsible for the TeamSpeak, website and game servers maintenance and support. Additionally, all expenses have primarily come out of my pocket and a small handful of occasional donators, to whom I am extremely grateful.

One year later, with the founding of PGL, I am still battling my finances between rent, utilities, food and supporting my players and their servers. Despite accepting a few donations via our website, from generous members of our community and PacificES offering servers (originally discounted, now free), for a couple of games, I simply do not have the funds to give this community what it deserves hope to one day shower the community with servers, events and competition prizes.

Quotes for a website of my specifications ranged from $475 - $2,200. We felt that money could be put towards something more worthwhile, so set work at constructing this website. It wasn't without charge though as domains, web hosting, the theme for the website and matchmaking capabilities for competitive seasons, all added up quickly, almost nearing an original quote.

We are ever thankful to companies like PacificES, who have offered to provide us with additional game servers, however with the plan to expand our competitive and casual scene into a vast number of games, to create a central hub for PC gamers in our region (something Europe and the USA have been privileged to for so long), we can't rely on the generosity of PacificES alone, and can no longer rely on my own wallet.

How Can You Help Us?
Every cent raised for InsANZ in the past year, has been put into server costs. With PGL's new sponsorship deal with PacificES, server costs are negated and every cent raised can be put back into the community in the form of website upgrades (new features, faster speeds, etc.), competition prizes (1st/2nd/3rd/etc. place prizes, team prizes, giveaways, etc.) and preferably avoid ever having to charge team/player entry fees for competitive seasons and other events, like so many other gaming organisations seem to do. The list of ways to spoil our players is endless, but it all comes down to what we can afford.

We do not want to take any money out of this and it is run with the best of the community in mind, at all times, with funds constantly being cycled back into the community to give them an amazing experience, like no other. We do this because we care about the community and we believe in it. We want to give them everything they deserve as passionate gamers in Oceania and the Pacific. If you aren't even in our region, or not even a gamer, but like our plan and wish to support our dream, please feel free to stand beside us as well and let’s make something special!

PacificES are our exclusive server providers for game servers, however any other companies, business or organisations wishing to help support PacificGL or partner with us, please contact me. We couldn't have gotten to where we are today, without the support of the great community and companies like PacificES. If you wish to take part in, or help out a dedicated team of individuals, who spend a majority of their time and money on services for others, then please don't hesitate to do so. Follow the link below to the Contact Page and I will be in touch as soon as possible. Other methods of contact are also possible, so feel free to use what feels best for you.