The Ban Vault

Welcome to the Ban Vault!

This is a collection of suspected and confirmed hackers on Insurgency and other games. When members of the PGL community record evidence of hackers in Insurgency, the footage is uploaded to YouTube for other server admins to see and take action, as well as linking it to the NWI dev team. Some times they are satisfied and ban the player, some times they leave it up to the community to handle them. With our expansion into more games, hackers and suspicious players are bound to be encountered (especially if you play Rainbow Six Siege). Feel free to upload your videos to YouTube and provide us with the link. We will review it and if seen fit, we will be sure to post it with the collection. Stay clean guys. Cheating/hacking/scripting/modding isn't worth it and if you get caught, expect to be shunned and abused for a very, very long time. No one likes hackers, but I love my ban hammer. So stay vigilant and keep me posted! Let's keep this community a safe and hacker free environment. Enjoy!